Day 2 Challenge: An Email Opt-In and a Treat!


This is me earlier today. You want me to WHAT?

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Okay, friends.  It’s getting dicey over here.  I won’t lie.  This blog challenge is giving me a run for my money.  I can string together words to get my message out without too much stress (except for the sharing part–that still makes me freak OUT).  But ask me to install widgets? Make an ebook? Look at code and make heads or tails of it?  Not my jam, man.  Not. My. Jam.

But that’s okay.  Like I said yesterday, I am scrappy and determined.  Plus also wearing out just a little.  Yowzers.

Today’s challenge was to set up an email sign-up form on my blog.  And I did it! If you scroll down to the bottom of my page, you will find a form that you can fill in to receive email updates from Lost and Found Mama.  I am pretty proud of this, I must tell you.  There wasn’t a video tutorial on setting this up, so I had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in using this technology.  And it actually worked.  Yahoo!  I still don’t understand why it is WAY at the bottom, but I can go back and work that out later.  It’s there!  Mission accomplished.

The other part of the challenge was to provide you, dear reader, with a little something when you sign up for emails.  The suggestion was to make an ebook.  While I initially had NO idea how to do this, I was able to put together a PDF letter to my readers, detailing why this site, this idea, is so important.  (Note–you will find it sounds a lot like yesterday’s post.  Bear with me.  I am not Super Woman.) Share it, download it, print it, whatever.  It’s all yours if you agree to get some emails from me!

Now here’s the tricky thing.  If you sign up to get emails from me, I have absolutely NO idea how to send you one.  ZERO.  I am hopeful that MailChimp will walk me through it, but just know that there might be a slight delay on receiving your pretty letter.  I WANT to give you the goods. I do.  It’s just that my brain is tired at night after mama-ing little ones, and so I have to read things twice three times many, many times to make sense of them.  Please just know that I am trying!

So here is my request: If you like this blog, please sign up to get emails from me! I will email when there is a new post, as well as send some special notes just for email subscribers.  Again, remember this is all theoretical right now. I am SURE I will work it out.  I manage a classroom of 5 and 6 year olds all day–I must be able to send an email, right? Positive thoughts, dears.  Positive thoughts.

A huge THANK YOU in advance for signing up, too.  I am jazzed to build this space together with you!


  1. You are doing great! I really enjoy your blog. Okay, this is the only blog I read, but I, too, am getting comfortable with this whole idea.
    Jane Powell

    1. Well I suppose if I am the only blog you read, then I am a lucky gal, huh? Thanks for the encouragement, Jane. I love it!

  2. Wow Amy! Mail Chimp will keep us connected! Just read your last two posts. You’re sick and still managed to get this up and running. Keep going with this adventure! Love it!

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